Art of Manduka

commissioning your character has never been so easy

Choose your base...

Choose the option that best suits the product you want. You will get the character you dream of.

You will receive a high resolution .PNG document (A4 size 350dpi). Plus a 30 seconds timelapse.

If your character is for a TTRPG like Dungeon and Dragons, Call of Cthulhu… Let me know in the message. It could be deliver with a surprise.

... AND CHOOSE THE extras

+ 30€ (35 USD) ACTION POSE

Add 2 action poses that fit your character. Either performing one of his special moves or relaxing in a tavern. These poses will be done in flat colors.

+ 20€ (24 USD) expressions

Show what would be the most common expressions of your character. Add 2 expressions. The extra expressions will be done only in lineart.


You will never be in doubt as to which color combination will look best. You get 3 variations on the base coloring.

+ 30€ (35 USD) cambios de ropa

Your character may not always be in his/her luxury ourfit. So it is better to see him/her with 3 different types of clothes. Changes of clothes will be made only in lineart.
*Valid for American and Fullbody

LAST DETAILS (Terms of service)


Payment will be made by Credit card (only available for Euro) or Paypal (for Euro or USD, in this case an extra 7% will be applied to the platform fees).

Before starting with the sketch, 50% must be paid. The rest must be paid before receiving the final product.

No refunds will be made once the payment has been made.


The ownership of the commission image belongs to the artist. So it is not allowed to edit the artwork without the artist’s permission.

I usually make post of my commissions, but if you want to keep it private let me know. Also, before posting on your social networks the result, please ask the artist.

I usually do Twitch broadcasts of my commissions, if you don’t agree please let me know.

High quality

The artist has the right to refuse any assignment if he/she feels uncomfortable doing it or if he feels that he cannot complete it with a good result in his own style of art. In such a case 100% of the price paid will be refunded.

The delivery time will vary according to availability and the project, being the minimum of four days and the maximum of one month (you will be communicated through mail). If you have a deadline, please let me know.

Quality and attention to each order is guaranteed, treating the pieces as unique.


During the process you may have doubts and want to make changes. With the order of the base 2 reviews are included, but if you want more we offer you the option to buy them separately.

The reviews may contain: color changes, adding some detail and alterations of expression or posture.

No major changes will be made corresponding to another past phase of the piece (for example, changing the pose in the rendering phase).

+5€ (6 USD) x revIEW


Due to the complexity of certain elements. There may be an extra cost.


The commission is not for commercial use. Therefore it is not allowed neither its diffusion, nor its sale, distribution for lucrative purposes, nor derivatives, without the author’s permission.

If you have any commercial purpose (banners, illustration for books, etc.) please comment it in the form and we can surely reach an agreement.

In general, the price of commissions for commercial use increases by +70%.



When you submit a form we ask for information such as your email and name which is stored in a cookie so you don´t have to fill it out again in future forms.

By submitting the form you must accept our privacy policy.

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    +30€ Action poses (Flat colors)+20€ Expressions (Lineart)+10€ Color palettes+30 € Clothes changes (Lineart)

    NOTE: We process orders personally. Once the order is sent, I will contact you to see if there is availability. In the same way I will inform you about the delivery time and payment.